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Uh, I'm Ella, I'm 18 and from Brazil and I'm a mediocre blogger and real trash this blog has no real purpose but i complain a lot and sometimes post my art snapchat: momorsa

the more i learn

the less i want to live in this world

you know when you see a post that call out on tumblr utterly bullshit

but you don’t really want to reblog it because you are SO SURE that some offended people will come onto you?

sometimes tumblr is just a whiny piece of shit and i’m so tired of y’all

There it is a part of the lyrics from a brazilian band, planet hemp, that goes like this:

"light up one and think about the police: serve and protect

serve to whom? protect from what?”

This lyrics always get in my head when a riot explodes somewhere

everything is so wrong

why do the government, the police and the media hates people so much

like, who is on the internet or is having contact with it is usually well informed of what is going down, but the mass media always go to this bullshit that police is doing the right thing and people are just rebels without a cause that like to damage propriety and so?

the world is too fucked up, man.

the world has been so heart breaking those days

i want to hug people who are too far away how do i do that hurry up science

yall make me sad rebbloging porn gifs with a really tiny ass microscopic penis smh

i just want to people to like me for my (naruto) art

[and maybe selfies]

[but mainly art tho]

i have mad respect for boys who can grow shitty mustaches and still look real good with it

that feeling when you know that you just couldn’t care less

i really cant take it this hardcore sjw side of this website it is too much

i want to create a little history about a cool muslim magical girl but i don’t know enough about the religion to not fuck up aaahhh