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Uh, I'm Ella, I'm 18 and from Brazil and I'm a mediocre blogger and real trash

this blog has no real purpose but i complain a lot and sometimes post my art
Posted on 11th Apr at 6:35 PM

i have mad respect for boys who can grow shitty mustaches and still look real good with it

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Posted on 11th Apr at 3:13 PM, with 1 note

that feeling when you know that you just couldn’t care less

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Posted on 6th Apr at 3:23 PM, with 2 notes

i really cant take it this hardcore sjw side of this website it is too much

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Posted on 2nd Apr at 1:19 AM, with 1 note

i want to create a little history about a cool muslim magical girl but i don’t know enough about the religion to not fuck up aaahhh

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Posted on 23rd Mar at 11:47 PM, with 2 notes

sometimes i just wished i deleted my social media accounts including tumblr

im so tired of people in the internet

but still, i am an artist and it is a way to communicate and divulgue my works

so i kinda cant

which sucks

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Posted on 27th Feb at 11:18 PM, with 2 notes

your ugly, hateful, ignorant thoughts will turn you ugly for sure

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Posted on 23rd Feb at 1:27 AM, with 1 note

i miss the safe feeling of being held aaaaaahh

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Posted on 18th Feb at 3:44 PM, with 3 notes

im really trying to practice my spoken english by reading but

1) my italian side is really showing and i keep moving my hands uncontrollably

2) my english is normal and i start to begin reading with a strong weird accent like scottish or something

3) i fail

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Posted on 17th Feb at 2:57 AM, with 2 notes

i still do somethings like i did when i was starting falling in love i mean

it is pretty fucking obvious that i still like him deeper than the fucking mariana trench and the bloody pits of hell and both guarded by a ferocious chutulhu, a monstruous kraken and a bitchin’ leviathan, something badass like that

but shit, in my situation it might be just weird, creepy and sad

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Posted on 11th Feb at 10:24 PM, with 26 notes

Bem, taí.

é bastante vergonhoso porém sincero

fazer o quê? sinto tua falta.

(feito em 05/02)

Posted on 8th Feb at 1:41 AM

lust is in fact a very important aspect of life

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Posted on 8th Feb at 1:18 AM

I had a dream about you that kinda bummed me out, i woke up, went to the shower to calm down about it but i had some flashbacks about our last meeting i went to computer and i saw the new comic of yours that you just posted, ironically, you drew and talked about some the exact things i was thinking about in the shower

man that really bummed me out, i cried and cried, and ended up doing some comics about my dream and some thoughts about you

i showed to some friends, even though i think it is terrible and tacky, i still very sincere about my feelings, and i feel insecure about posting it anywhere, I don’t know, i’m terrified, really.

it is about basically losing you, still feeling you everywhere, feeling alone and missing you too much

as much you were my companion and lover you were my best friend and with you i felt like being a complete me, not a molded version

i still feel like throwing up my heart and stomach when i’m nervous but man

i do miss you

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Posted on 30th Jan at 1:32 PM, with 1 note

shit shit shit

i really feel like i can’t draw or paint

i don’t really like anything that is coming out

im quite desperate

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